Interstitial Cystitis: My bladder hurts!

You've been told you have interstitial cystitis. Ouch! 

What is interstitial cystitis?

Prostatitis: But why do I still hurt?

Do you have these symptoms?

Pain in the testicles, penis or perineum?

Pain with Intercourse: Not always an issue with lubrication

Many individuals don't like to talk about their sex life. Understandably it's a very personal and private topic. The problem with this is when issue's arise, they don't get discussed with medical

Pregnancy: How can I prepare for labor and delivery?

Does this sound like you? You just found out you are pregnant and already you are wondering about labor and delivery! This is completely normal and smart! 


Constipation: Why is it hard to go?

Did you know that 16 out of 100 adults suffer from constipation? Do you? 

What is constipation?

Dilators: Toy or therapy tool?

Can the answer be both?!