Do you have a frozen shoulder, or a limitation that can be fixed in 2 sessions?

Symptoms of frozen shoulder

It starts with an ache in your left shoulder.  Nothing to worry about. As the month progresses, the pain increases.  Dishes become difficult to lift into the cabinet. You

Knee Surgery

When it comes to knee surgery, knowing the outcomes, risks and rewards, as well as the lasting effects, are critical.  An ACL reconstruction, total knee replacement, meniscus repair, or knee

Knee Cap Pain

Pain in the kneecap can be a really frustrating issue, and can happen with almost any activity. This includes running, squatting, walking (especially down hill), and stairs to name a few. As Physical

Knee Fracture

Knee fractures involve one of the bones that form the knee joint breaking. These can happen due to a fall while landing on the knee, motor vehicle accident, sports collision, among other things. Knee

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