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Hip Replacement: The Bionic Patient!

You've been told you need a hip replacement and you probably immediately started googling! 

How many kinds of hip replacements are there?


There are two types of hip replacements: a partial and a total. A partial hip replacement spares the socket or acetabulum but replaces the ball or head of the femur. A total replacement is as it sounds and replaces both surfaces of the joint. 

There are also two kinds of approaches: 

Anterolateral approaches can have (but confirm with your surgeon because they each have their own preferences) less precautions after surgery. With an anterolateral approach the glute med is spared, where in a posterolateral approach the glute med is disturbed. 

Regardless of which hip replacement style you have, you will still need physical therapy! 

How will physical therapy help after a hip replacement? 


First, assist you with walking! If you're using a walker or a cane, they will make sure it's fit to you and you are using it correctly! 


                                                     Young woman helping old man to stand up

Next, manual therapy to help manage pain, reduce swelling, scar tissue mobilization,  decrease compensatory muscle tightness and improve range of motion. Manual therapy will also help the muscles start activating better after surgery. 

Then comes strengthening, strengthening and strengthening! Functional strength through sit to stands or squats, bridges, step ups. As well as, isolating independent muscle groups that are weak. Initially movement will feel uncomfortable and very challenging, so your therapist will meet you where you're at in terms of strength and endurance.


                                                              Side view portrait of a young woman doing squats at fitness gym-4


Recovering from surgery is energy intensive even before you add in physical therapy. It's common to feel exhausted in the beginning! Good nutrition is always important but especially the early days and weeks after surgery; your body needs energy to heal! 

Surgery any time can be overwhelming, but let our team help guide you through the recovery process to get you back to what you want to do! Reach out today!